Charlie Hartwell is a self-taught filmmaker that discovered a passion for visual arts early on in his studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While earning a BBA in Marketing from the Wisconsin School of Business, Charlie was able to prioritize his film development, balancing a full course load while also filming three sold out cross-country music tours his junior and senior years. Charlie also has experience in the Financial Services industry and primarily handles the business side of Rooftop Studios.

Charlie enjoys to focus on cinematography and visual transitions and is constantly working to develop a more unique and recognizable style. He is becoming increasingly drawn to creating narrative focused work in which story and cinematography can work together to construct a powerful emotional impact.

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Who We Are

Rooftop Studios is a New York-based video production company focused on providing value to artists, companies, and brands through immersive visual storytelling.


Rooftop's co-founders Charlie Hartwell and Nations Stephenson met at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2017. Since then, they have helped springboard artists into successful music careers, distinguished businesses from their competition through engaging visual content, and worked with brands internationally to expand them into new markets.

Rooftop specializes in front to back production; combining creative concepts, a dynamic visual style, and efficient turnaround times. 


Our work has generated nearly 60 million views online and spans across multiple genres. 


Nations Stephenson found his passion for making videos during his first year at UW-Madison. Following this dream, he took on a major in Film Production while also working freelance video jobs outside of school and teaching himself online. Combining this with a major in Political Science and an interest in international relations, he hopes to one day create content that makes the world a smaller place and educates its people about those different from themselves.

As his style has developed, Nations' interests have shifted more towards creative direction, screenwriting and post production. He loves the challenge of making something out of nothing, and the energy that comes when you mix great visuals with the right music. 

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